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Top Choice Pest Control is a Canadian, family owned company serving Toronto & Southern Ontario. Incorporated in 2004 Top Choice Pest Control has perfected the techniques and methods of pest extermination and wildlife control in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area.

Close up of a wild Brown Rat
Rats Mice Pest control Barrie

You might be considering applying some DIY tips and tricks to get rid of rats and mice instead of using professional rat pest control services in Barrie. Well, there is nothing ...

Ant Control Services Barrie

Are you frustrated? Overwhelmed? Have you tried everything but are unable to get rid of ants permanently? Are you wondering what it takes to gain complete freedom from the army...

Bed Bug Control Services Barrie

Top Choice is the best pest control and bed bug removal company with roots in Barrie. We provide affordable bug extermination services using certified and approved methods.

Cockroach Removal Barrie

Are you looking for “Cockroach control services near me” in Barrie? If yes then the Top Choice pest control company for cockroaches must be your first choice. Why? Because the company is based in Barrie city

Animal Control Services Barrie

As the name suggests, animal control services are designed to control and remove animals, ensuring the safety of people and their property. This often involves relocating animals to their natural habitats

Bees Wasps Control Services Barrie

The serene, sublime, and scenic beauty of Barrie City attracts thousands of people from all across the country. But do you know it attracts someone who some of you might be afraid of a lot?.

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